What is potscaping?

I bet you are wondering what POTSCAPES is and what it refers to. It is referring to potscaping which is a blend of the words pot and landscaping and is the artistic arrangement of flowers and shrubs planted in pots and other containers.

The practice of potscaping is described as creating a garden out of an arrangement of pots rather than conventional flowerbeds. It has gained popularity in recent years because it makes gardening accessible to everyone, even those who are limited to a terrace or balcony. Potscaping has become more popular with a larger availability of attractive garden containers in many different materials including ceramics, wood, plastic, composite, fiberglass and even unconventional items such as watering cans and wheelbarrows.

Formerly referred to as container gardening, potscaping has become somewhat of an art form in horticultural circles. Precise decisions about shape, height and placement of containers are made to create what is referred to as a potscape, the noun to describe the resulting arrangement.

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