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We offer a range of services and products to produce the best planters for any space. Not sure what you need or want? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about costs based on a consultation.
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Container Sales
& Rentals

One-time/short term rentals of a container with plants installed. They remain at your business or residence for a period of time and are removed once the plants fade.
Perfect for a sidewalk or seasonal patio where space is an issue when storing planters for the off season.

Plant Design
& Installation

Planting containers with a specialized plant design specific to your needs and wants for the perfect wow factor.
If you like modern and simple or eclectic and colourful, any type of planter is achievable with a custom design chosen specifically for you and your space.

Balcony & Patio Gardening

No matter what floor your balcony or patio is on we can get the pots and plants up to you. Either transporting the supplies through the building or using a crane to from outside.
Any type of patio can use planters, from restaurants, coffee shops or your home.

Home Staging & Weddings

Adding colour and interest to a home or business using plants is a major key in attracting buyers. Curb appeal is the first thing people notice when looking at a new place. Rentals are available!
Want to steer away from cut flowers? Use potted plants instead for a perfect alternative to decorating.

Seasonal Displays

Have a seasonal or holiday themed planter created for your space for any time or occasion.
Another option is a four time seasonal change out; for spring, summer, fall and winter. Each interval is approximately 3 months long. Or choose to have an evergreen planter for year round interest.

Regular Maintenance

On-going plant maintenance is mandatory for happy healthy plants. Set a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly schedule that is best suited for your needs and plant requirements.
Watering, fertilizing, pruning, plant replacement and on-call service would all fall under this category.

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